Coach Bus Lift FK1550

  • Mechanical design, easy to maintenance.
  • Highly durable and non-corrosive steel.
  • Lifting capacity of 400 Kg

Technical Data

  • Max. load                                         400KG
  • Weight                                                250KG
  • Plateform Size                              1200mm X 825mm
  • Locker Floor to Coach Floor      970mm
  • Ground to Locker Floor              1000mm
  • Box Length Space Required    1840mm
  • Lift Overall Width                            1020mm
  • Lift Overall Height                           220mm

Double Arm Inboard Lift FK1350

  • Anti-tilting safety device.
  • Highly durable and non-corrosive steel.
  • Ideal for high traffic usage.
  • In-built antirattle technology ensures there is no additional noise when in transit.

Middle Bus LIFT SP1100

  • Platform with aluminum antislip surface
  • Water-tight containment cassette
  • Controlled by a 4 bottoms pendant switch
  • Fully automatic safety back flap

Technical Data

  • Max. Load                350KG
  • Weight                      145KG
  • Plateform Size      1350mm X 800mm
  • Lifting Height         920mm
  • System Voltage     12-24V

Technical Data

  • Max. load                 320KG
  • Weight                      145KG
  • Plateform Size      1200mm X 815mm
  • Lifting Height         910mm
  • System Voltage     220V

Single Arm Lift F360

  • F-Twister swivel base allows the lift to rotate by 90°
  • Italian design that integrates beautifully with vehicle interiors and exteriors.
  • Unique anti-crushing arm to stop the lift if any body part or object is in its path.
  • Lifting capacity of 300 Kg
  • When the lift is folded and switched off, every 6 hours the hydraulic pump is activated for 0.5 sec, to avoid the platform slightly unfold during long non usage.

Technical Data

  • Max. load             360KG
  • Weight                 140KG
  • Plateform Size     1067mm X 765mm
  • Lifting Height       1030mm
  • Manual Pump      YES (Emergency Use)

Double Arm Inboard Lift 1030

  • Anti-tilting safety device.
  • Highly durable and non-corrosive steel.
  • Ideal for high traffic usage.
  • Lifting capacity of 300 Kg
  • In-built antirattle technology ensures there is no additional noise when in transit.

Technical Data

  • Max. load            350KG
  • Weight                 110KG
  • Plateform Size     1030mm X 750mm
  • Lifting Height       880mm
  • Manual Pump      YES (Emergency Use)

Tailboard Ramp

  • The ramp is light and easy to operate. (30 Kg only)
  • It can also be sold with rotatable foot plates so that the ramp can be opened like a door, both inwards and outwards.
  • No wiring and no extra maintenance.
  • Loading capacity of 400 Kg.
  • It can be use with retractor to make to loading easier.
  • The expanded traction surface offers excellent rear visibility through the ramp when folded.

Technical Data

  • Max. load             400KG
  • Weight                  24KG
  • Plateform Size      2020mm X 820mm
  • Lifting Height        鑽石等級鍍膜陽極處理
  • System Voltage     N/A

Milford Personal Lift

  • Strong, light and easy to dismantle when not in use.
  • Simple and easy to operate for any person.
  • Lifting capacity of 149 Kg
  • Lifts people onto the standard car seat in virtually any make or model of vehicle.

Technical Data

  • Max. load    150KG
  • Weight         7KG

Transfer Seats for Different Vehicle Model

  • Vehicle transfer seats make cars wheelchair accessible for both drivers and passengers
  • Fully Customization, choose your transfer seat according to your needs

Technical Data

Please contact Forkare sales or customer specialties to learn more about your first customized vehicle transfer seats. Call 02-2269-4666.

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